All Shops Will Be Open In And Outside The City Except Shopping Malls

By | April 25, 2020
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Understand the whole thing from question and answer
1) Are all types of shops allowed to open?
Yes, now in addition to essential items like milk, fruits, rations, non-essential goods shops can also be opened. However, the government has set some conditions for this.

2) What are the conditions required to open a shop?
Adherence to social distance will become necessary. No shop can have more than 50 per cent staff work. It is mandatory for everyone to wear a mask. Registration of these shops is required under the Union Territory or State Establishment Act.

3) Will shopping complexes and markets open across the country?
No, the market complex will be able to open outside the city limits
4) Is this rule for every part of the country and can the state take any decision on it?
No, this is not a discount for hotspot and containment zones. Those shops will still be closed. The state can decide on this at their convenience.

5) Will the mall open?
No, no single or multi brand mall is allowed to open.

6) How many shops have been exempted so far?
Agricultural equipment including milk, rations, vegetables and many other types of industries have been allowed to open.
7) What is the reason behind giving this exemption?
The government wants small businesses not to be harmed, people not to suffer, and economic activity to be slowed down. The start of Ramadan on Saturday is also believed to be one of the reasons behind it.
The shop within the corporation boundary will be closed till May 3

Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla also said in the order that shops around any colony, residential area within the boundaries of the corporation and the municipality would be allowed to open. However, markets within the local city limits will remain closed until May 3.
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