Gujarat Temple Darshan 2022

Gujarat Temple Darshan 2022 : Gujarat All Temple Darshan 2022 at home through your mobile or laptop. All People Easy Participate Arti of Gujarat All Temple.

Gujarat Temple Darshan 2022

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Dwarkadhish Temple Darshan 2022

The City of Dwarka in Gujarat has a History that dates back Century and is referred to in the Mahabharata Epic as Dwarka or the Kingdom of Dwarka. Situated on the river Gomti,.The City is Described in Legend as the Capital of Krishna. Large Stone with Scripted Inscriptions, the way the Stones were craved in the way that the piles were used, and the anchors used here show evidence that this port city is a historical place.

The Middle of the town is the Dwarkadhish Temple, Which was built in the 16th Century. Dwarkadhish is another name of Lord Krishna that means “Lord of Dwarka”. The Five Story high temple is built on seventy two pillars. The Temple spire is 78.3 M (235 feet) high. From the temple dome waves an eighty – four foot long multicolored flag decorated with that symbols of the sun and moon. Lord Krishna’s grandson, Varjanabha is said to have build the Orignal Temple of Dwarkadhish over the hari-griha (Lord Krishna’s Residential Place).

The Sanctum of the Temple is Formed by the Jagat Mandir or Nij Mandir, Which dates back at Least 2500 Years. The Jagat Mandir has a tall tower and hall of audience. 

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Gujarat Temple Darshan 2022

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